Cooking with Chef Bramsay | MED110

Submission for MED110 – Cinematic Practice for Emerging Platforms: Mobile Video Production.

This video explores the world of quarantine cooking with “Chef Bramsay” (myself in character) and how to make an omelette. The video itself is a comedy sketch and its purpose is to hopefully provide entertainment through the silly actions of the character: “Chef Bramsay” as he pretends to host his own cooking show from home. The video starts off regular and seemly like a legit cooking video, only to turn into a disaster with every passing clip that follows after the ingredients. With the use of handheld footage the video tries to provide a funny down-to-earth production that anyone could make.

The video was made using Adobe Rush on an android mobile device to explore video production with the limitation of low budget recording technology and editing software. All footage was shot on an Honor 10 in a 16:9 ratio and was recorded in a handheld fashion, this explores a similar production as shows like “The Office” which makes it feel more real and genuine when watching. There were some external elements in the video coming in the form of music and cut techniques, all the music was from YouTube with the links being provided at the bottom and the bars and tone were created and imported from Adobe Premiere Pro. Bars and tone are quite common with funny edits on videos due to their nature of meaning that something went wrong, which was the effect I was going for in this production. I focused more on comedic value and entertainment then well-crafted and executed camera shots knowing that my quality wouldn’t be as good due to being limited to a phone camera.

One shot that is key within the production is when I drop the omelette, the handheld production really sets helps the moment as it makes it feel more genuine and that the event was unexpected and real.

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