ADDiH Uncensored Bloopers – FULL version

In this hilarious throwback to classic film noirs, Private Detective Stone Evergreen investigates the suspicious death of a young actress. What seems like a typical, garden-variety dead actress case proves to be anything but, as Stone learns that nothing in Hollywood is as it seems.

Written & Directed by Shawn Schminke
Produced by Shawn Schminke, Alicia Schminke & Alan Maxson

Starring Alan Maxson, Breeanna Judy, Allie Rivera, Noel Jason Scott, Matt Kelly, Kevin Lau, Evan Mack, Tim McCord, PJ Megaw, Justin Armao, Alicia Schminke, Tatiana Paris, Stephani Lindsey, Evan Reinhard, Nabil Moo

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