GGg webrip 2020

in the beginning it says “this is something like an inbetween-film from the trilogy of g” – which is what it is.
there’s not much in terms of story in this one, since it was made in haste and quarantine (and out of only a small amount of something), not chronologically this is between the first movie: ggg from 2024 and the gg, which is an upcoming one.
if it’s funny to you, then you’re close to me, if you’re afraid that’s good, if you just think it’s weird you’ve won.
bezpracenenithc presents:
the GGg webrip
(in the end it says: in the year 2020 an alien ship carrying a monster’s soul will land on planet earth. the soul will crush human concepts in three, new form of thought will arise: the soul itself will split in two and the brothers who are born therefrom will destroy each other by pure hate, the death of two gives rise to the lost oneness
those whose names ggg are, become gg -> g”

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