Kill Me Today, Tomorrow I‘m Sick!

D 2018, R: D 2018, R: Joachim Schroeder, Tobias Streck mit Karin Hanczewski, Carlo Ljubek, Tommy Sowards 132 Min

Als Ende 1999 die NATO Serbien bombardiert, feiern daraufhin die Kosovo-Albaner ihren Sieg über die Unterdrücker aus Serbien. Was folgt ist die größte Hilfsaktion seit dem 2. Weltkrieg. Anna (Karin Hanczewski) ist Teil der Hilfsgemeinschaft doch erkennt bald, dass nicht alle Helfer mit dem gleichen Eifer am Werk sind wie sie.

„Witzig. Brutal. Liebevoll.“ Dominik Graf
„Zynisch… und schreiend komisch.“ Spiegel, Wolfgang Höbel
„Ich war schwer beeindruckt! Jedes einzelne Problemfeld und Malheur solcher Einsätze wird schmerzhaft abgebildet.“ Lutz Gehres, Oberstabsfeldwebel a. D., Einsätze in Bosnien und Afghanistan
„Eine schockierende schwarze Komödie über ein verlorenes Land mitten in Europa und einen total überforderten Westen. Ich habe viel gelacht.“ Hamed Abdel-Samad

A tragicomedy about humanity. Pristina 1999. NATO has bombarded Serbia. The Kosovo-Albanians are celebrating “their” victory over the Serb oppressors. Hatred between the ethnicities is still rampant. The international community launches the largest and most expensive field operation since 1945 and sends thousands of employees to stabilize the region. Anna is proud of her role in achieving democratic change. However, she will find out that many of her colleagues are neurotic, ignorant, corrupt and bored by their own assignments. And Commander Rhaci, the celebrated Kosovar freedom fighter and darling of the West is exploiting the country like a Mafia boss… Anna understands: “If you really want to achieve something, you have to screw the system!” But can she rely on adventurer Plaka of all people in the darkest hours of her life? Plaka who loves the “Internationals” first and foremost for their money….

“Witty. Violent. Affectionate.” Dominik Graf, Director
„What a wonderful film…One laughs, is shocked and laughs again.” Monika Maron, Writer
“Cynical… and blatantly funny. “ Der Spiegel, Wolfgang Höbel
„Some men make problems. Plaka and Burim solve them.” Cora Stephan, Writer
„I was deeply impressed! Every single problematic aspect and misfortune of such deployments is depicted in painful detail.” Lutz Gehres, Sergeant Major, ret., deployments in Bosnia and Afghanistan
„A shocking black comedy about a lost country in the midst of Europe and about a completely overwhelmed West. I laughed a lot. “ Hamed Abdel-Samad, Journalist

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