Lesson 3_Nose

Nose: This 30min video shows how not to draw the nose as a triangular sign but as a three dimensional vision exploding out of the paper. Terry has looked and drawn many a fine nose over the decades and all hooters are lots of fun to observe, She takes us through steps which are effortless to follow and at times quite funny to see. But in it all, the underling goal of teaching those who are keen, is to make them aware that with concentration, patience and consistent practise they to can draw anything.

Join Terry for this 30 minute video.
You may pause the video at any stage.

This video is under copyright and may not be downloaded or redistributed in any format.

MATERIALS: Sketch pad/paper, willow charcoal, compressed charcoal, white dry pastel, an
eraser, concentration and a positive attitude because you can do it!

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