Yildiray Gurgen ❖ Sadece Sen ❖ Music Story ❖ Part 4 ❖ English ❖ 2020 [vZhkGS-Sf3Y]

A funny ‘disagreement’ story between the director and soundtrack composer Yildiray Gurgen over the music for a key scene in the Turkish Drama movie Sadece Sen, starring Ibrahim Celikkol and Belcim Bilgin. Sadece Sen is available with English subtitles on Netflix.

Interview: September 2019 See the entire interview on our website https://bit.ly/2UF4sGX

Composer Yildiray Gurgen, born in Australia, has composed soundtrack scores for over 50 movies and countless Turkish Dizis. For more about Yildiray and his work, visit https://yildiraygurgen.com.

Video credit: Interview and footage edit by North America TEN

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