Deaf rapper Sean Forbes’ album shoots to top of music charts


Congratulations to Deaf hip-hop artist Sean Forbes.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Forbes’ new album “Little Victories” is number one on iTunes and Amazon’s digital hip-hop chart.

And it’s all due to a powerful national grassroots effort in the Deaf community including support from Academy award-winning actress Marlee Matlin and Deaf model, actor and activist Nyle DiMarco.

If the album continues to rise in the music charts, Forbes is on track to becoming the first Deaf artist to land on the Billboard 200 chart.

I just chatted with Forbes moments ago and even he was shocked by the album’s success.

So how does it feel to be the number one Deaf rapper in the, I mean how does it feel?

It’s not Deaf rapper, it’s rapper.

Really it’s mind blowing! I’m really humbled by the support of the Deaf community. The Deaf community made this happen no question. I was chatting with my family this morning about this and my dad mentioned that it reminded him of the old days with Grateful Dead and Jimmy Buffett because they were part of the grassroots movement. Most of the big artists who I share the charts with have major label support while I am an independent artist. That really is a huge win.

Yes it’s really amazing. I mean the vast Deaf community rallying behind you, propelling you to the top. For me as I was watching the album rise up the chart to number one, I said “Wait is this really happening in 2020?” It’s incredible and amazing! I know you produced previous albums but this one is absolutely fitting with the title of your new album. This is a little victory. It’s amazing!

It’s funny because I just went with the flow. I love making music, I love what I do, I love representing D-PAN, I love everything. I like to have a good time and do it with good people. That’s a vibe I feel. I feel like everyone showed up this past week and propelled me to this point.

It’s really amazing to see Deaf celebrities supporting you and the same goes for the Deaf community.

Some of my favorite comments are people who say “I’ve never used iTunes before. This is my first time. I have never bought an album before. How does it work?” And I actually put a lot of effort into looking through the comments to make sure people have an easy way to find and buy the album.

Yes! Really again congratulations. I hope that you will stay number one.

I will I will?

I hope.

Wow! Congratulations.

Posted – 2.28.20

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