The Friendship event

Three days to a clear path to social confidence and skill.

Day 1

Discover the truth about connection and how you can have more friends and a stronger network. it – no more mystery!

Learn 3 powerful ways to easily attract the right people so that they stand out to you clearly

Discover how to jump over small talk and move directly and level III communication.

Learn to create a social peak performance states so that you can be on your game when you need to be – no matter what else is going on in life.

Day two

Eradicate social imposter syndrome forever so that you can confidently walk into any room knowing that you belong to be there

Discover the absolute best way to meet the right people. Your professional network is there too!

Learn how to easily establish rapport, at will, with anyone so that you can get to “know, like, and trust” faster and with less effort

Learn how to get in and out of conversations easily, respectfully, and quickly – even difficult ones with difficult people

Day three

Turn those new friendships into a priceless network

You will build your social plan of action so that you can begin establishing the type of support system you need for whatever goals you have in mind.

Learn how to prepare for social situation so that you always feel comfortable, confident, and have enough energy to make the most of every social opportunity.

Discover how to manage your network so that you know exactly what to do when you need to ask for help, give or get a referral, or manage blending groups together

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