Stretch Goals

We Hit Our First Goal! Now What? 
Most campaigns that have hit their goal ask for additional funds to help with other areas of production (better gear, proper living wages for working artists, post production funds). They call them “stretch goals”. 

That’s right: we’ve hit $5,000 but we’re a long ways away from our stretch goal of $10,000, which is needed to do this project properly! We’re still fundraising in order to make sure everything is safe, legal, and above board. 

Your additional funds will help us:

– Make sure everyone on our crew gets paid a proper living wage

– Rent a full ARRI Amira Camera package 

– Support a larger crew size on set

– Provide safe PPE for our crew on shoot days

– Order our lunches from local businesses in the area (no chains!)

– Secure our post production team in a highly competitive market

So please continue to donate and spread the word about this project! Thank you all for your support, without which none of this would be possible!

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